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I Am Angry!

Dear Reader, I confess I’ve been struggling for almost three weeks to put my thoughts and emotions into words that encourage and heal; rather than wound and keep people in dark places. “Anger is fear’s bodyguard.” (Celeste Ng, Little Fires Everywhere)

For me and my family, 2020 came in relatively quietly. Then, out of nowhere, a viral tsunami spread over all the world’s land and peoples. The C-19 virus has a low mortality rate, but the resulting issues it brings in its wake are far more serious. Daily media reports are conflicting and the information unreliable. The current political, economic, and social climate is restrictive and discouraging. And I am angry!

People are struggling with isolation, depression, and anxiety. Suicide rates are escalating to previously unknown levels. Adults and children are stuck in homes where abuse and neglect play out every day with no end in sight. And I am angry!

So what do I do with my anger? I wish I could say that since I’m a born again Jesus follower, I always take care of my anger in a healthy way. But, that isn’t true. There are techniques that work for me, but I must rely on my heavenly Father because if I don’t, I fall into a dark mind pit.

Lord Jesus, I’m struggling with anger during this pandemic. In the past, I’ve hidden my feelings, thinking surely You’d curse me. But that’s not the way You work. I can’t hide ANYTHING from You. You know me intimately; inside and out. So Father, please help me follow through on healthy responses to my anger and leave the rest to You. You are more than capable of carrying humanity through this season. I will look to You for answers and healing.

*Some things that work for me are exercise, humor, hanging out with my family, relaxing, deep breathing, reading and writing. Find what works for you and don’t forget to keep it as healthy as possible. Avoid behaviors that have long term negative consequences. If you choose to talk to someone about your anger, make sure that person is safe and authentic and doesn’t use your struggles against you.*

Guard your heart with all diligence, for out of it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23 New Heart English Bible

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