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Dearest Readers

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Dear Reader,

Grandbaby #4 arrived this week and if I thought life was hectic before, I was mistaken. This is a whole new level of wonderfully controlled chaos and I’ve decided to take a sabbatical from writing devotions. I’m not sure when I’ll write and publish on this blog again, but, when I do, you’ll be the first to know.!

Meanwhile, I’m thankfully and creatively moving into this new normal with great joy and amazement.

Warmly and with much Love,

Lisa M. Neal

For my part, I am going to boast about nothing but the Cross of our Master, Jesus Christ. Because of that Cross, I have been crucified in relation to the world, set free from the stifling atmosphere of pleasing others and fitting into the little patterns that they dictate. Can’t you see the central issue in all this? It is not what you and I do—submit to circumcision, reject circumcision. It is what God is doing, and he is creating something totally new, a free life! All who walk by this standard are the true Israel of God—his chosen people.

Peace and mercy on them!

Galatians 6:14-16 (MSG)

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