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  • Lisa Smith

Dear Emmie

Dear Emmie, I love you with all my heart and soul. You are my first grandchild and God broke the mold when He made you. (Actually, He does that with every human being, but it doesn’t make you less special.)

Jesus loves you with all His Heart. He made you and your mommy and daddy, GiGi and YaYa and Abba and NeeNee and Poppa and JoeJoe and Doo Doo... You get the picture.

Everything we see on our walks; from the birds and the trees, the snow and the rain, the sun and the moon, the stars and the clouds...ALL of it was made by Him Who loves you.

Get to know Him, baby girl! Cultivate a strong and close relationship with Him, because He loves you; even more than your mommy and daddy. (And they love you ALOT.) Their job is to love, protect and train you as you grow into the person and destiny tailored especially for you. Your personality was carefully planned and God knew you BEFORE you were even in you momma’s tummy!

There are two rules on this planet. One: love God. Two: Love your neighbor. That’s it. It sounds easy, but you’ll find it challenging. It’s okay though, because Jesus will help you.

You are not going to be able to keep the rules by yourself. It’s impossible because you are human. But, God made a provision for that; it’s called GRACE. He sent His only Son, Jesus, as a propitiation for our sin. (I know propitiation is a big word and you don’t understand yet, but you will later on.)

Remember this, God’s love defends and protects you. And you’ll find it’s all part of a bigger picture; one that is your story. No one else will have one like it. And your story will be His story.

One last thing, don’t let anyone tell you that you are worthless or not enough. Don’t let anyone try to control or change you as a person. Be strong and courageous and BE YOURSELF. There are many bullies in this world. And the biggest bully of all is Satan. He hates you and all mankind. He wants to deceive as many people as he can to join him in hell. Don’t fall for his lies.

Father God, thank you for sharing Emmie with our family. May she find you in a personal way through Jesus Christ at a young age. May she have a close relationship with you. May she be light and salt in this world. Amen.

For you give me confidence, O Lord; O Lord, I have trusted in You since I was young. I have leaned on You since birth; You pulled me from my mother’s womb. I praise You continually

Psalm 71:5-6

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