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  • Lisa Smith

One in His Sight

A very large maple tree fell across our driveway after a storm. My husband took a chainsaw to cut up the tree and asked for my help. As he cut through the branches, I threw them off to the side. But, when he got to the trunk, he’d saved a piece to use as leverage. Unfortunately, I’d thrown it into the woods. In frustration, he said, “If we were on Survivor, I’d never pick you for my partner!” I replied, “Just for your information, I’d never be on that show anyway!”

Later that evening, we talked about our interaction, apologized to each other and chuckled. Men and women are very different in the way we think and communicate. And God made it that way on purpose!

Nevertheless, neither is man independent of woman, nor woman independent of man, in the Lord. For as woman came from man, even so man also comes through woman; but all things are from God. 1 Corinthians 11:11-12

Father, my marriage and relationship with my husband requires (from both of us) a serious investment of time, energy, listening, giving and sharing in order to grow our intimacy. This relationship is a close reflection of my relationship with You. You made sure each of us has a role to fulfill in our union. We can bring out the best and the worst in each other depending on our words and actions. Thank you for teaching me new things daily through my husband. And I know You do the same with him through me. Help me to be obedient in keeping You first, so I can respect and love my husband the way You desire. Amen.

Nevertheless let each one of you in particular so love his own wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.

Ephesians 5:33

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