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Aging Beauty

I’m a big fan of the Airbnb platform. Recently, the kids and I rented a home in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. It had been updated and was one of the nicest Airbnb homes my family and I have stayed in. As I got ready for the day in the bathroom downstairs, I noticed the lighting was soft and clear. It made my skin and eyes glow. As I put on my make-up, I felt pretty and put together for the day. I noticed a bounce in my step and confidence that was hard to miss.

It's funny, because lately, when looking in the mirror to put on make-up, I've been focusing on the aging signs around my face and neck. This, in turn, has translated into less confidence and some discouragement. I thought about how that simple lighting made me feel about myself and beauty. I thought about how much God's light illuminates my world from the inside first and then spreads outside for others. I thought about how much Jesus loves me no matter what stage of earthly human life I'm in. I know He thinks I'm beautiful because I am created in His Image. The aging process can be beautiful and empowering if I change my mindset and look at myself through the lens of how God sees me.

I thank You, High God---You're breathtaking! Body and soul, I am marvelously made! Psalm 139:14

The God given wisdom and knowledge I've gained from life experiences is vast and continue to grow. (Job 12:12) I would not go back for anything! I'm thankful for my fifty three year old body. It's an amazing and marvelous tool to navigate life with.

Father, God, the world has a tendency to look down on aging and see it as a liability. Please help me to continually change my mindset and understand how beautiful this process can be. Thank You for Your Love and Light which shines abundantly in and through these jars of clay in every season of life. Even in the older years, we will still produce fruit and remain vital and green. Psalm 92:14 Amen.

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