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A Princess Crown

“That’s a beautiful picture Emmie! Is it a big spider?” “No, Gigi, it’s not a spider. It’s me!” “Oh,” I replied. “Well, I love your hair in the picture, it’s so big.”

“Gigi, that’s not my hair, that’s my crown!” “Oh, sorry, honey!” “I can see the crown points now.”

We sat and looked at her hand drawn picture a little longer and I tried a third comment.

“Honey, I like how tall you are in the picture and your arms and legs look nice.”

“Gigi,” Emmie said exasperatedly, “that’s my beautiful dress that twirls when I turn in circles.”

Oops. Strike three. I was out!

This interaction reminds me of how often I look at something and think it’s one way, but in actuality, it is an entirely different thing. That’s why it’s wise to ask questions and sit quietly with my Abba daily, waiting for His wisdom and knowledge. I have a tendency to mess things up when I don’t take the time to ask the right questions.

Nursing infants gurgle choruses about You; toddlers shout the songs that drown out enemy talk, and silence atheist babble. I look up at your macro-skies, dark and enormous, your handmade sky-jewelry, Moon and stars mounted in their settings. Then I look at my micro-self and wonder, Why do you bother with us? Why take a second look our way? Psalm 8:2-4 MSG

Heavenly Father, Emmie is a princess with a crown. Thank You that she sees herself that way. She’s being raised in a home where You are at the center and she is learning who she is in You. We are daughters of the King of Kings. Thank You for that wisdom and knowledge. It’s almost too wonderful to imagine! Amen.

I’m on my way; I’ll be there soon. Keep a tight grip on what you have so no one distracts you and steals your crown. Revelation 3:11 MSG

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