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  • Lisa Smith

What Forgiveness is Not

The greatest Gift I’ve ever received is the forgiveness of my sins. Jesus took it ALL on the cross some 2000 years ago. Because He loves us. Because He wants relationship with us. Because He wants us to spend eternity with Him.

God’s forgiveness though, comes with a clause. We are to forgive others. (Matthew 6:14) This task can be impossible in the human realm. But, with God, it is possible. Terrible things happen on this planet. There are people who do evil in ways that are unimaginable.

Drawing from personal experience, I chose to forgive someone who abused me. I stayed in the relationship far too long because of false ‘religious’ teaching and beliefs. However, the Lord rescued me and continues guiding me through His Word and through the Holy Spirit.

And even though I choose to forgive, I’m learning what forgiveness is not. Forgiveness is not forgetting. (Jeremiah 20:11) Forgiveness does not automatically mean reconciliation. Forgiveness is not condoning what was done. Forgiveness is not dismissing what happened. Forgiveness is not pardoning the sin; that’s God’s domain. Forgiveness is not restoring trust if the offending party continues breaking trust. And forgiveness is definitely not resuming a relationship; especially if the person continues committing evil acts with no change in behavior.

Heavenly Father, Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path. (Psalm 119:105) When we extend forgiveness, we give up our right to payment or revenge. Forgiveness allows You to take care of the situation according to Your Will. And forgiveness sets us free to heal and live an abundant and Light filled life. Amen.

But for those who fear My Name, the Sun of Righteousness with rise with healing in His wings and you will be set free, leaping for joy like calves let out of the stall. Malachi 4:2

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