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  • Lisa Smith

No, Shamus, No!

Last weekend, I spent time with my granddaughter, Emmie, and grandpuppy Shamus. It was fun and challenging.

What fascinated me most was watching Emmie try to get my son’s dog in trouble. Shamus wasn’t allowed to play with Emmie’s toys because he has his own toys. But, when Mom and GiGi weren’t looking, she’d put a toy into his mouth then holler, “Mommy, no ‘anush,’ no!” (Remember, she’s 2 years old)

Jetts and I chuckled at her antics, but her behavior reminds me of human nature. No one taught Emmie to be naughty. But, it’s a problem every human deals with.

David talks about this in Psalm 51:5-6:

Surely I was sinful at birth, sinful from the time my mother conceived me. Yet You desired faithfulness even in the womb; You taught me wisdom in that secret place.

Heavenly Father, sin entered us when Adam and Eve didn’t listen to You in the garden of Eden...Ugh! But, because of Your Love, You already had a plan to fix the horrific consequences of sin. Death came through Adam, but Life comes through Christ. (Romans 5:12-21) What You did on the cross is enough to cover all mankind’s sin. Oh, that we would not blaspheme or reject or deny the Holy Spirit! (Matthew 12:31-32) Amen.

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